Chapter 19 - Page 25

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He's very detail oriented.

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Reply K.K., 28 Oct 2010

I miss Calvin and Hobbes.

KSSSHH~T is what I imagine an automatic door sounds like when opening. And by automatic door, I mean elevator door. Or door on the Starship Enterprise.

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Reply Leafy Savanna Chan, 29 Oct 2010

Oh yes. Calvin and Hobbes is a great comic series. *nodnod*

Reply Captain Ghost, 29 Oct 2010

I only managed to read some Calvin and Hobbes for the first time ever this summer, around July/August -- and I must say I'm liking it so far. Bought a book with a bunch of them in it, and some author commentary. He seems to know his stuff :D

... Also, I think I had a dream with this Sichondrius fellow in it last night.
I can't really remember much of it though.
All I know is that I become more of a fan with every page. We'll have to see if it stands, but, his hair + glasses = spiff. :D

Reply Sol, 31 Oct 2010

XD A dream about him? Was he experimenting on you or something? Since that's what he tends to do :P.

Glad to see you're liking him so far though. I like his accent, though it was a pain to write XD.

Reply Captain Ghost, 31 Oct 2010

I really can't remember much about the dream, unfortunately : <

But I do think he was experimenting on something.

And I believe it involved zombies, but, that's only a faint thought, a possibility seeing as that's what most of the dreams I've been having lately seem to involve xP

Anyhow, having written it out seems to be worth it: I loooove accents, hehehe~

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