Chapter 19 - Page 27

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Manly Vanity Mirror.

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Reply K.K., 02 Nov 2010

Sol didn't bother making up the letter contents - he wanted them to just be squiggles.

Yes, there really is a letter written there; pretty much just made up a love-letter, though in all honesty, that may not even be what the letter is supposed to be. Sol didn't specify, so all you need to know is that it's for Kratos, from Rhiannon.

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Reply Sol, 03 Nov 2010

Ha, the contents of the letter is actually a scene I omitted due to page constraints. In my original script I had her read out one of the letters, but I felt it would have dragged it out and didn't really reveal too much, so I felt it'd be better to keep it "secret."

Reply K.K., 03 Nov 2010

Well, instead you get a mushy love letter. So that's always fun.

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