Chapter 19 - Page 28

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Reply K.K., 04 Nov 2010

So I started watching "Legend of the Seeker." When I hit episode 12, my PS3 started blinking and then "BAM" it died on me.

For it to be called the Yellow Light of Death, there's a lot more blinking red than you'd expect.

Anyways, looks like after 4 years, I need to buy a new one. >_< At least I managed to get it working just barely long enough to transfer all my save data onto a data key.

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Reply K.K., 04 Nov 2010

Letter was last seen in chapter 15, FYI.

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Reply AJLin, 04 Nov 2010

Is that the letter that was next to the body in the bloody scene?
The letter doesn't really make much sense since it's folded... XD

Reply K.K., 05 Nov 2010

Sorry, it's cut off. The first says "We Know what you did to our savior, Kai Ren" and the second is "Consider this a warning for things to come"

*edit: And it's not folded... it's 2 panels showing the front and back of the page. Her hand flips it from front to back. It's kinda hard to see... ^^"

Reply Sol, 05 Nov 2010

@AJLin: And yes, that letter is the same. We saw the second part before, but this is the first time we've seen the rest of it.

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