Chapter 19 - Page 29

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He looks... unwell.

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Reply K.K., 07 Nov 2010

Up until now, I've been drawing Kratos as a sort of cold, calm individual. Sol decided to make him batsh*t insane on this page, I guess.

Happy Daylight Savings day. Hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep (or video games, as it were...)

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Reply Sol, 07 Nov 2010

Kratos' comment here is relating to this page

And yes, he looks like this right now for a number of reasons.

1. He wants to frighten her.
2. He's REALLY pissed off that she would look at his personal belongings that mean a lot to him.

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Reply Captain Ghost, 07 Nov 2010

Well, if batsh*t insane is what you were going for, then, good job xD

And, wow... he looks so different. -accustomed to the hood- @__@

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