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Kratos' room is the only one with a color scheme that isn't "hospital chic"

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Reply K.K., 11 Nov 2010

In California, they're working on legislature to limit the sale of violent video games to minors. One step on a slippery slope, maybe, but frankly, parents should be checking the ESRB ratings on their own anyways.

There's been a lot of anti-video game talk for a while now, but there's rarely any pro-video game talk. This is because video games promote an apathetic worldview. I think it's a load that they say games make people violent - what I think it does is make people lazy. Which is like, the opposite, isn't it.

If you want to reduce violence, what you SHOULD be limiting is scare-tactic news programs. ^_^ But apparently, adult, fear-driven, racial/religious/political violence is nowhere near as big a problem as childhood violence caused by ignorance.

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