Chapter 19 - Page 33

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Finally, the reveal!

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Reply K.K., 16 Nov 2010

Finally we get to see Siska's parents. This is the second pair of parents that we've seen (after Kat's... I wonder which everyone prefers?)

Siska has her dad's eyes and her mom's hair. Also, her pink and blue style is kinda like theirs. =D I made them look like nobles, and gave him a mustache~

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Reply Sol, 16 Nov 2010

Hmm, Siska's parents weren't really rich, though I wouldn't call them poor either. About average, but they didn't make enough to be able to send Siska to the schools that they would like. But I guess they wanted to look a bit fancier for this picture, heh XD.

But yes. We finally know what was in Siska's locket, but I'd like to think it was fairly obvious that it had something to do with her parents. And yes, Siska did put a note inside the locket. Remember that she was writing something down before she went snooping around Kratos' office? We're about to find out what she wrote.

And this isn't the 2nd pair of parents we've seen. We've seen Kai's parents and Stephanie's parents (sort of) as well.

Reply K.K., 17 Nov 2010

I think we've only seen Kai's dad, and I don't think I've ever drawn Stephanie's parents at all...

Reply Sol, 17 Nov 2010

Kaylee Ren did indeed make an appearance. Her first appearance was here. She died in a car accident later on in the chapter.

As for Stephanie's parents, you have to look back even further. Stephen Espoir appeared earlier, but this page shows both Stephen and Suzanne.

Stephen was one of the million soldiers killed by the Jester Brothers. Suzanne was killed by Kratos, telling Stephanie that she must live in her dying words.

Stephanie's older brother and sister also appeared once in Chapter 6, but for only one page.

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Reply MayelV, 24 Nov 2010

Everyone they love is dying!! D:

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