Chapter 20 - Page 1

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In Soviet Russia, Demons Eat You.

Author's Comments:

Reply K.K., 05 Dec 2010

I love title pages. This chapter was called "Red Army," so I couldn't resist basing it off of a Soviet-era propaganda poster.

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Reply Sol, 05 Dec 2010

haha, that's awesome ^_^. You even put some Russian at the top (I have no idea what it says though XD)

Reply K.K., 05 Dec 2010

It says "Chapter Twenty - Red Army"

User's Comments:

Reply AJLin, 05 Dec 2010

That is so cool-looking! XD

Reply MayelV, 06 Dec 2010

Wa! This cover pwns!! Love it :]

Reply Captain Ghost, 06 Dec 2010

Here goes nothing, eh? o__O

Very nice~

Almost burst out laughing at the alt text, hah XD;;

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