Chapter 20 - Page 2

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I don't remember how to spell his name.

Author's Comments:

Reply Sol, 07 Dec 2010

Xioniss makes his first speaking appearance, here.

As for what Kratos and Xioniss are talking about here, I'll leave to you to speculate. Though it will be explained by the end of this Chapter.

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User's Comments:

Reply Captain Ghost, 07 Dec 2010

I wonder if they are familiar with Siska's brother, perhaps? 83


Reply Sol, 08 Dec 2010

@Captain Ghost: Siska has a brother now?

Reply K.K., 08 Dec 2010

Si has a brother, Stephanie has a brother and sister, and Masai has a sister. I think that's all of the main cast's siblings.

Reply Captain Ghost, 08 Dec 2010


... my brain is doing funny things lately ;,;~ sorry ><

.. I must have meant Si's brother then @__@;;

Reply MayelV, 08 Dec 2010

Kratos looks like Kai here o.o

PHOOEY! What's with you killing everybody? ;A;

Reply K.K., 08 Dec 2010

They ARE supposed to look similar, I think. But yeah, normally he doesn't have the lock of hair falling over his face like Kai does.

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