Chapter 20 - Page 14

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Well, I guess that explains things.

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Reply K.K., 04 Jan 2011

Well, that... actually doesn't really explain anything. But there you are, all healed. Like they went to a Poke-center or something.

I like how Celene's hair looks as she flies down the mountain.

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Reply Sol, 04 Jan 2011

Well, Celene said that she heals faster than humans do. Her arm had been healed for a bit, but she had no reason to remove it yet. I thought it was more dramatic if she took her sling off when she was about to get back into battle.

Reply K.K., 05 Jan 2011

I'm imagining Sypher just sitting there with drool coming out while Celene looks grossed out.

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Reply MayelV, 05 Jan 2011

Aw! Dang it Sol! Y U KILL EVERYONE!? ;A;
They're pretty badass tho.

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