Chapter 20 - Page 15

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Down, boy.

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Reply K.K., 06 Jan 2011

I like drawing Sichondrius. He's a lot of fun.

Errgh, I had a hard time figuring out how big to make the hellhound. I figured "bigger than a level 4,smaller than a level 3" is about right.

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Reply Sol, 07 Jan 2011

If you're wondering why Masai is carrying Stephanie and Kai is carrying Sypher, it's because Masai and Kai are a LOT faster than those two, so they are trying to maximize their speed.

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Reply Captain Ghost, 07 Jan 2011

Sichondrius LOOKS like he'd be fun to draw, hehehe..

Also, creepy canine thing. ... Reminds me of those zombie dogs on that one train from that one Resident Evil game...


edit; not so much due to its looks, but just... the perceived 'nature' I guess. -shrugs and shudders again-

Reply MayelV, 07 Jan 2011

Yay for creepy dog-demon-thing!!

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