Chapter 20 - Page 34

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Reply K.K., 20 Feb 2011

So, he's got dimensional transfer abilities in that sword of his. It's supposed to be a full length mirror (you can't really see 'cuz of the angle...) and I just made it appear when the sword's... um... mouth... opens.

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Reply Sol, 21 Feb 2011

@BlackCatz: Haha, in regards to your comment on the previous page, he wasn't referring to HIS Demon Form, as he doesn't actually have one. He's only a half-Demon, so what you see is what you get with Kratos. His weapon can change modes though as you can see.

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 21 Feb 2011

That's pretty epic...

Now what's gonna happen? ^_^;

Reply MayelV, 21 Feb 2011

Oh shizz. That doesn't look good D:

Reply CPD, 21 Feb 2011

I want that mirror.

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