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Chapter 21

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Reply K.K., 27 Feb 2011

Based on This Image, kind of.

For the credits at the top, I wrote down the last members of the Survivors. Yeah, Sol's whittled it down to 4 members (so far) - makes you wonder who's on the chopping block THIS chapter.

Oh, I also organized the pages into chapters (FINALLY...) and have fixed the dropbox to reflect this (the original code I had in there was a total useless jumble that was replaced with a single command...) so I guess it'll be easier to go through the archives now.

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Reply Sol, 27 Feb 2011

Urk. Looks like K.K. set everything up in SJ's chapter format. The only problem is, it kind of screws up the archives a bit.

Since now if you go to the first comic, it brings up the first "Special/Fanart"

It'd be fine if we didn't have any fillers in our archives, but I've never been able to find a good place to put filler in a chapter format. At the end is annoying for current readers, while the beginning is annoying for new readers.

This leaves two options. We can set up a Filler/Fan Art section of the website that these pages will get moved to once a chapter is finished (which would probably be the most ideal) or go back to the previous format.

What do you think?

Reply K.K., 27 Feb 2011

Uh... it did for a while, while fixing it, but it should go to the right page now when you hit "last" or "latest chapter."

Just need to... fix the archives page.

Reply Sol, 27 Feb 2011

Yeah, I realized you moved it to the beginning, so I edited my post to reflect that XD.

Odd that it screwed up the actual archive section though of the website. Considering I've used Chapters before and didn't have that problem.

Oh, and if you haven't already, please check out my latest comic, Eye Hunters drawn by the talented Che la Yang (KaiyouNoYume.)

Reply K.K., 27 Feb 2011

It's because the original template I built the design off of was a mess.

^^" I'm for the Fanarts and Special pages just showing up in the latest chapter, then moving to a different page once the whole chapter is complete.

*Edit AGAIN: Archives is fixed. Nobody can say anything! ALSO, it goes to the right page (for now) with the "First" button... just that it's not quite working on the Menu yet...

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