Chapter 21 - Page 9

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Another one gone, another one gone...

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Reply K.K., 16 Mar 2011

Looks like Masai's the next one to go.

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Reply Sol, 17 Mar 2011

...It almost seems ironic that they are in a place with a lot of radiation, considering the situation in Japan right now. One of those freak coincidences, I suppose.

Reply K.K., 17 Mar 2011

More like unfortunate, given everything. They've postponed movies because of coincidences like that, you know.

TLS: Pushing the envelope. I never really got why fiction needs to be postponed when something happens in real life that cuts a little too close. I get that people want escapism, but frankly, it's a bit absurd.

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Reply MayelV, 18 Mar 2011

Noo!! Masai!!

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