Chapter 21 - Page 12

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Laughtrack not included.

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Reply K.K., 17 Mar 2011

This page would also work if there was an extra panel in the front. Something along the lines of "3 different religious figures walk into a bar. An argument ensues, and is resolved in an acceptable manner."


Okay, I'm bad with jokes.

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Reply BlackCatz, 24 Mar 2011

Join the club, K.K. >_>;

I'm rubbish at jokes too.

Reply K.K., 25 Mar 2011

Hahaha, it's called an "anti-joke" - the point is to be so hideously unfunny in deadpan that it becomes funny.

"How many blondes does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One, same as any other hair color."

It's like "Why did the chicken cross the road?" but with less metaphysical ramifications.

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