Chapter 22 - Page 28

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I can't believe it's not Butter!

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Reply K.K., 10 Jul 2011

I moved some panels around, 'cuz Sol's original storyboards made this page really sparse, then the next page really chock full of stuff. I took some of what was supposed to be the next page, and merged it into this page.

The alt-text is in reference to Stephanie's expression. I'm feeling weird today...

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Reply Sol, 11 Jul 2011

That alt-text is win.

This also reminds me of an old flash cartoon about Mortal Kombat characters in real life situations.

Scorpion: I challenge you to a Mortal Kombat!

Store Clerk: Wait, what?

*Scorpion knocks out the Store Clerk*

Announcer: ROUND 2! ....... ROUND 2!

Scorpion: Yeah... I don't think he's getting up.

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