Celene Concept

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Concept Art

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Reply K.K., 10 Sep 2011

Sol's got a time-skip written out some time in the future. Unfortunately, I don't have any clue as to which characters are actually surviving his current killing spree, so I've been doing concepts for all of them. Not sure if I'll keep any of the changes, or take some of the ideas, or whatever.

An updated look for Celene. Mostly, I just wanted to try a different coloring style.

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Reply BlackCatz, 10 Sep 2011

LMAO~~ current killing spree...that's so true..orz *needs scorecard to keep up to who's still alive and who isn't.* xD

Reply K.K., 11 Sep 2011

Dead = Everybody but Kai and Stephanie.

Demons = 5
"Survivors" = 2

Bet everybody else is starting to think that "Survivors" wasn't a great choice for their team name. Maybe they shoulda gone with "The Wildcats" or something.

Reply Sol, 13 Sep 2011

Celene's not dead... her soul was just sent to a world of eternal fear :P.

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