Chapter 24 - Page 3

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Quick! Get the marshmallows!

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Reply K.K., 11 Oct 2011

I wonder how the 3rd class demons choose their names.

Also, new banner. Yay?

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Reply Sol, 11 Oct 2011

Shutendoji chooses the names of his Demons. Same goes for 2nd Class Demons, as Masai explained in an earlier chapter.

Btw, in case it isn't obvious since 3rd class Demons look alike, there ARE 5 Demons there. Nobody's talking a second time.

Reply K.K., 11 Oct 2011

I wonder where Shutendoji gets the names for like a million demons.

Big Book of Demon Names? Maybe at some point the names are like "Big John, Little John, Big Little John, John-John, Little Medium John, and Frank"

Reply Sol, 12 Oct 2011

Frank was always the black sheep. He has jealously issues.

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