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He's making a very classic bad-guy mistake at the moment.

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Reply K.K., 01 Dec 2011

Rules for supervillains:

1. No hero sized vents.
2. No slow moving garbage compactors - use an incinerator.
3. Make sure your right hand man does not want your job.
4. Either kill or recruit opponents. Don't let them go, or enslave them, because that never ends well
5. Gloating or monologues always lead to trouble.
6. Never keep anything that might be a weakness in your secret hideout. Vampires shouldn't have crucifixes in their castles, for example.
7. If you're planning to blow something up, just do it instead of putting some tricky riddle or test for somebody to solve that might stop it.
8. If you're bored, instead of playing around with the hero, just buy a video game.

C'mon, guys, it's not rocket science. Unless you're using a rocket, then I guess it kind of is.

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Reply Sol, 02 Dec 2011

On the other hand, Shutendoji enters a small group of villains that have actually succeeded in destroying the world.

Oh, and this is the end of Chapter 24.

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Reply BlackCatz, 01 Dec 2011

oh, man, I'm sure that was a big mistake. ^^;

And K.K. I love the rules for supervillains. XDD

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