Chapter 25 - Page 3

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Don't play with your food.

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Reply K.K., 08 Dec 2011

This took a bit longer to do than I expected. I was having a tough time getting it to look the way I wanted.

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Reply Sol, 08 Dec 2011

To translate Shutendoji's casting from earlier: "Oh sleeping flame, awaken from your long slumber and engulf the world. Become The Flame That Consumes All!"

Reply K.K., 09 Dec 2011

I have no idea why Sol decided now was the right time to tell everyone what that means, as opposed to back then...

Reply Sol, 09 Dec 2011

1. Shock Factor (saying it at the time would have made it more obvious about what he was going to do)
2. I wanted Nether to say in comic the name of the spell before I stated the incantation.

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