Chapter 26 - Page 23

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Bye-Bye Kai

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Reply K.K., 10 Apr 2012

He's disappearing into his sword. No real deus ex machina that I can see, Sol just decided to kill him off.

So... anybody else wonder who the main character is going to be? 'cuz from what I understand, we're about halfway through the story now.

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Reply Sol, 10 Apr 2012

Yep. I killed off the main character. As was my plan all along. This is the end of Chapter 26. One more chapter to go in Part 3. I sent it to K.K. last night, hopefully he got it. I was cutting it a bit close on that one.

I noticed this tugged on the heartstrings of a few people. Which means we did a good job of portraying the emotion. Sorry, but Chapter 27 will have a few teary moments as well, though it will also have its happy ones.

As for what's going to happen next? Well, I guess you'll just have to find out. Though feel free to speculate. I don't think you can call it predictable though, heh.

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Reply MayelV, 10 Apr 2012

My emotions... MY EMOTIONS!!

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