Chapter 29 - Page 24

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Reply K.K., 08 Jan 2013

Just a transition page.

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Reply Sol, 08 Jan 2013

Stephanie's pretty tall.

Reply K.K., 09 Jan 2013

>_> How tall should she be?

I always figured her as average height (probably slightly taller for a girl). I always draw her as the tallest girl for some reason (i.e. she's taller than Kat, Celene and Maeva in all the drawings...) I bet Sol told me her height at some point, and I promptly forgot about it.

Height (currently) is something like:

Sypher -> Nether -> Siska -> Helen -> Maeva -> Kat -> Celene -> Stephanie

The guys are all taller, I think. Something like Si -> Kai -> Kratos -> Zelander/Zell -> Kiro -> Masai -> Wrath

I bet the problem is more likely that I drew Kiro too short though. But I guess with no scale of reference, who knows.

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