Chapter 30 - Page 25

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Reply K.K., 21 Mar 2013

When I found out Kat was coming back, I went through a lot of different ideas on how to draw her. She's my favorite character, so I don't want her to suck, you know?

I based her sort of on a mix of Cheshire from Young Justice (which shouldn't have been cancelled btw - the scheduling shenanigans sunk a spectacular show unnecessarily) and Asuka from Evangelion. It kinda fits too (she's a back-from the dead ninja, after all).

She's generally unchanged (other than being all evil, I guess) from herself from 7 years ago. Slightly sleeker haircut, but you can't really see that with her wearing that mask and all. Her "civilian" outfit is also a lot more conservative than previously, and she doesn't have to "change" into her ninja outfit/plugsuit.

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Reply Sol, 21 Mar 2013

Oh, why hullo there Kat. Long time no see.

Not sure where K.K. is getting 7 years ago from. Storywise, its been 10 years. In real life, Kat was "defeated" back in Chapter 11, which ran from Dec.28 2008-Mar.15 2009. Which was 4 years ago.

Also this marks the end of this chapter.

Reply K.K., 22 Mar 2013

Huh, I thought story-wise it was 7 years. I dunno why.

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