Chapter 31 - Page 9

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Reply K.K., 14 Apr 2013

Sol should probably explain what's going on on this page.

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Reply Sol, 14 Apr 2013

Kat's Katagaratsu has been kind of tangible throughout this battle for some reason...

Katagaratsu is the "invisible" Katana that Kat wields. It instead is a blade made from wind, sort of a high pressure vacuum that can cut whatever it touches. She can also use the wind in other ways as well.

For example, here, after Katagaratsu collided with The Avenger, she used the wind to push itself against The Avenger to propel herself backwards, where she then landed against the side of the tree and then leaped back into the branches.

Reply K.K., 15 Apr 2013

Was her sword supposed to be invisible? I figured it just controlled wind.

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