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Reply K.K., 13 Jun 2013

Living in Vancouver, one gets used to the "semi-rebuild" of a hockey team, where the general manager decides the best way to do things is to keep the big name "star" players and try to build around them.

This tactic would work better if the "star" players were young players on cheap contracts. In the Canucks' case, this means that their expensive core that hasn't won anything stays together and the window dressing changes. It's easy enough for all the reporters to say that they just need to trade their goalie for a third line center, but I'm gonna say now that it ain't happening.

I think they should adopt the Houston Astros' strategy - Suck, and suck HARD, for at least 3 years, and use the high draft picks to build a cheap core. Like, say.... Marc Andre Fleury, Evegeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby all in a row - if you don't win a Stanley Cup then, you should fire your entire managerial staff.

Just something bugging me, I guess. Their wiffling about just increases the time until they're actually a contender.

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Reply Sol, 13 Jun 2013

They missed their chance in 2011.

My step-mom died last night... RIP.

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Reply Captain Ghost, 13 Jun 2013

@K.K. Sounds like a pain =/ I'm liking where my team is heading though, for the most part~ (mind you I've been doing a terrible job of keeping up with NHL news/signings/etc. after they got booted...)

As for this page, awwwwwwr. That's what I'm keeping my hopes up for, too >w< But... Get this gut feeling it might not -quite- all work out that way...

edit;; woah! For some reason SJ didn't show me your comment, Sol. On catching it now, though, I send my condolences ): <3

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