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Reply K.K., 16 Jun 2013

Happy Father's Day, everyone.

Google Glass looks pretty cool. I can imagine so many things that could go wrong with technology like that freely available, but it's still pretty cool to have a HUD in a pair of glasses.

Man of Steel came out on Friday, to middling reviews (and a huge box office take). Opening weekends are usually based more on marketing than how good the actual movie is - to see if a movie's good, you have to wait a few weeks and see if word of mouth kills it or if it keeps going strong.

I think the big problem with Superman stuff is that people want to think that Superman is the main character, when he's actually a plot device more than anything. The interesting thing about Superman is seeing how the mere mortals react to having an indestructible god in their midst - Lex Luthor's actually probably the most interesting character in the Superman universe.

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