Chapter 32 - Page 19

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Reply K.K., 16 Jul 2013

So I just heard Ghost's version of Here Comes the Sun.

Stuff in minor key always comes out creepy huh.

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Reply Sol, 16 Jul 2013

I usually hate talking about personal stuff, but...

Due to my company losing its biggest contract which made up about 85-90% of my job, my department is getting shut down and I'm getting laid off sometime around the beginning of September. The severance package being offered isn't bad, and I think I'll be fine for about 3 and a half months before the money from the company starts to run out. I should be able to find a new job by then.

It's still not exactly fun to ride on a sinking ship though until the bitter end. Especially when we still have to fulfill our obligations to that contract until it ends.

I've been with my current company for six and a half years. That's almost as long as we've been running this comic. It's been a long and interesting journey, and I'm kind of sad to see it end. My future is a bit uncertain right now, but I have faith everything will work out alright.

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