Chapter 33 - Page 5

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Reply K.K., 22 Aug 2013

I'm not super happy with this page, but the nurse is in like... 2 panels total, so whatever.

I suspect that Sol wanted the nurse's outfit to be the stereotypical "sexy nurse" outfit that nobody actually wears anywhere.

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Reply Vye Brante, 23 Aug 2013

I don't mean to nitpick . . . But my CNA training makes me just notice.

There'd be no reason to check his vitals AFTER the treatment. The doctor would have checked beforehand. Also, the shoulder is a bad place to draw blood. Too many bones and such. You couldn't get a vein. Well, I suppose you could if you really wanted but that'd be like one of the very last places they would try. Like I'm sure they'd go to a leg before the shoulder. The wrist or more likely the inner part of the elbow is where those in the medical field go to. You can't just stick a needle in and suck out blood, you have to get into a vein. 'Sides, you don't want to have to reach up to get blood. Let gravity do some of the work. The needle would be sticking up into the vein while the syringe is pointed downward.

Sorry, just even little things like that can make a difference.

Reply shadowmwape, 23 Aug 2013

I have a theory...
The Black Demon created two bodies. One of them is kai ren while the other one is the guy with the stitches. In conclusion, Black Demon is Kai Ren. Eureka!

Reply Sol, 23 Aug 2013

@Vye Brante: Most of that is my fault. My bad. Though I wanted to get him stitched up before the doctor found out about the hearbeat ^_^;;;.

I think I just wrote that she drew the blood from his arm. I could have been more specific.

@shadowmwape: All i can see to your theory is this:

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