Chapter 33 - Page 9

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I like to believe that at some point in history, nurses really did dress like this.

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Reply K.K., 01 Sep 2013

Either Maeva has magical girl properties, or she was wearing this outfit under her "real" nurse outfit.

I'm surprised that Kratos is such a pure boy, considering he's probably seen Maeva naked before. But then, I guess a girl dressed the right way is sexier - it's all about the effort, maybe?

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Reply Sol, 02 Sep 2013

When writing this chapter, and due to some recent conversations I've had with a few people recently...

Kratos is totally Tsundere for Maeva. "I-it's not like I find you sexy or anything!" He's still in love with Rhiannon, but he's starting to develop feelings for Maeva that he's trying to deny. Which is why he's blushing here.

He's a bit Yandere when it comes to Rhiannon though, willing to do whatever it takes to get her back.

Also, although Maeva isn't your typical Yandere, she is one.

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