Chapter 33 - Page 20

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I have such a hard time drawing Maeva's hair...

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Reply K.K., 26 Sep 2013

Blargh, my computer almost fried today... Just refused to turn on for anything.

I opened it up, cleaned it out a little, plugged it back in... and nothing. So I took it apart again, and tried again, still nothing.

So I whacked it a few times. Seems like that Caveman-style IT worked. For now, anyways.

It always worries me when I put stuff back together that I still have extra pieces though...

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Reply Sol, 26 Sep 2013

Stephanie was the one who pointed out Maeva's difference in complexion to Maeva, so even though she only saw her briefly, Stephanie remembers what Maeva looks like.

And Maeva has a lot to learn from Jessie and James, the true masters of disguise :P.

Reply K.K., 26 Sep 2013

I've never understood how Jessie could ever be costumed - her hair alone would tend to give her away, you'd think.

I'm of the opinion that James is actually the best trainer in all of Pokemon. Ash is kind of a punk.

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