Chapter 34 - Page 10

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Reply K.K., 24 Nov 2013

So I was watching the weather report on the news and I saw that whoever is doing the graphics didn't write frost or intermittent snow or anything, they just write "brrr!" now.

This was the moment I realized nobody really watches the weather report, so the editor's gotta do something to entertain himself/herself to keep from going crazy.

I heartily approve. I think that the news in general would be a lot better if it was more like The Daily Show and less like CNN. But then, I'm also the guy who wonders why there isn't a TV show with Death Row inmates like Hunger Games or Battle Royale, so I'm probably not a good judge.

Yes, I realize that what I just described is more or less the plot of Gamer (which was kind of a lousy movie with a half decent original idea). I also realize that me thinking this suggests that we're barreling towards some terrible dystopian future (though, who didn't think that was already happening, anyways).

What am I talking about? Well, I essentially wanted to say it's really cold.

TL;DR: It's cold, I'm gonna go watch TV.

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Reply Sol, 24 Nov 2013

That was a pretty one sided Grey Cup. You knew the game was over long before half time.

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Reply gogareen, 25 Nov 2013

This comic has some pretty good art and from what I can tell a good storyline. Deserves way more fans keep it up dudes.

Reply Sol, 25 Nov 2013

Thanks, gogareen! Hope you stick around and see how the rest of it unfolds :).

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