Prologue - Page 4

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Reply Sol, 10 Jul 2007

Did You Notice? (Part the Second) Well, this is a different Did You Notice. K.K., the artist, messed up slightly here. He forgot to draw in Shutendoji's flame crown. But I doubt you would have noticed unless I pointed it out. But just to make sure, this a pre-emptive point out! Ha!

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Reply K.K., 14 Jul 2007

He points it out every time...

Reply Sol, 15 Jul 2007

Only because you pointed it out the first time.

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Reply BlizzardComics, 12 Aug 2007

Awwe...da angel guy dieded... ;~;

Whatever happened to good ole Satan and GOD? XD

Reply Sol, 12 Aug 2007

Wow, you commented on a bunch of pages *happy* now I have to go back and reply to some of them.

Funny you should mention that. Back when I was terrible with names, Aven was called God. In fact, when I started this comic, I was going to have Aven BE God, still, however K.K. felt this may offend some people, so we changed it.

As for Satan... I felt it was over used. I REALLY didn't want to have "Satan". Besides, Shutendoji isn't the first Demon King. Although there is still no Satan.

Reply amjam, 13 Aug 2007

Hmm... Aven stole Sasuke's bird-butt hair.

Reply K.K., 30 Nov 2007

for the zillionth time, it's BALMUNG hair, not Sasuke hair...

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