Chapter 1 - Page 8

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Reply Sol, 10 Jul 2007

I've Said It Once, and I'll Say It Again Lone looks really smexy in that last panel.

And this coming from someone who is 100% straight.

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Reply K.K., 14 Jul 2007

oh gawd, I was thinking the same thing...

I dunno why he's drawn like this in the early pages... It was really awful, huh? How did we ever get ANY readers...

User's Comments:

Reply zaceron, 14 Oct 2007

a bit rough on the shading and the white all white background gives it a bit sureal fealing. you could always try an other font, it's a bit boring. However your style is rather good and special.

Reply Sol, 14 Oct 2007

Haha, these are the early pages. The white background goes away soon, and the art gets better. K.K. also eventually takes over the font, so that gets better too.

Reply Pickles, 09 Feb 2008

Haha... fists in a sword fight. Classic. Don't get me wrong, awesome comic and everything, but I always laugh when somebody gets punched in the middle of a sword fight.

Reply Hana-Cake, 07 Jun 2010

"Lone looks really smexy in that last panel."

That made me laugh out loud XD

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