Chapter 1 - Page 9

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Reply Sol, 10 Jul 2007

K.K. Blames Me For This One Apparently the reason why the bottom half of the Demon's body is missing from that first panel is my fault. I was apparently supposed to make it all shadowy, rather than just colour the pavement. This is why I'm glad I don't colour anymore, it's difficult to convey that kind of thing sometimes. I believe it was around this time that K.K. kept wanting to do black and white pages. I'm kind of glad I stuck with doing them in colour though.

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Reply K.K., 14 Jul 2007

Haha, glad you stuck with it because now I'm stuck with it? I'm still pushing for B&W but Sol likes his color.

Yeah..... Half a demon isn't as imposing, is it...

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Reply BlizzardComics, 12 Aug 2007

lmfao.....hehehe....I cant wait to see that demons face when he figures out you cut off his legs!!
Demon:"Do these pants make me look fat?"
Sol:"No, as a matter of fact, I dont think you coulda gotten any skinnier... ._."

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