Chapter 1 - Page 15

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Reply Sol, 10 Jul 2007

Holy Crap! This was K.K.'s first page done digitally using his new Tablet that he got for Christmas. It also allowed him to colour the comic, which he said was actually easier to do than making it black and white. I don't know how he coloured it as fast and as good as he does, but he knows a lot more about Photoshop than me. I'm much more proud of how the art looks from this point on.

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Reply K.K., 14 Jul 2007

Even if this is a step up, I have to point out that it DOES get better as we go along. Took me FOREVER to get any good with my tablet...

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Reply BlizzardComics, 12 Aug 2007


Reply Pocket, 14 Aug 2007

much better looking!

Reply K.K., 30 Nov 2007

^ are these dudes still reading this comic? I kinda guessed they disappeared cuz I never see them anymores

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 07 Jul 2008

Holy damn! *O*

Talk about improvement! Very nice!

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