Chapter 3 - Page 34

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Reply Sol, 13 Jul 2007

Just So We're Clear His name is pronounced "Krah-tos", NOT "Kray-tos"

I created him before God of War came out. About THREE years before God of War came out. I began writing TLS back in 2002. Kratos was created in 2003.

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Reply K.K., 15 Jul 2007

This page looks surprisingly competent.

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Reply BlizzardComics, 12 Aug 2007

OOh! You know my comic that you read SOl? I started it in 2003!! Yay for old manga!! XD

Reply Sol, 12 Aug 2007

Yay! Yeah, this comic started in 2006, although I started writing in 2002. But I'm glad I waited, god was my writing bad back then. Not to mention that I wasn't that good with coming up with names at that time. The real reason why I came up with a plot device that doesn't reveal Lone's name until Chapter 6? I needed time to come up with one XD. Also, Sypher was just called Goblin and Shutendoji was just called Demon King. Yeah, it was bad. Comments are fun!

Reply Kaitousblackwings, 07 Jul 2008

All I can think of is Tales of Symphonia.... O_o;

That game is total <3-ige

Still loving the comic. ^_^ Yay for more!

Reply Sol, 07 Jul 2008

Yay! ToS is one of my favourite RPG's. Happy to meet another fan of it.

As for your comment, to be perfectly honest, I did get the name Kratos from ToS. <.<. Same pronunciation. However, the two characters are nothing alike, and only their first names are similar.

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