Chapter 3 - Page 38

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Reply Deaths_Serenity, 15 Jul 2007

Idea thief!! That was mine first you jerk.

Reply Sol, 16 Jul 2007

You can't prove that <.<.

See, mine is now published and copyrighted, so hah!

But seriously, yeah, I really liked DS's concept of two daggers that can be linked together to form a bow. So I went with it. It made the perfect weapon for Celene, enabling her to fight at close and long ranges.

So, deal with it! Be glad that your idea is being put to good use :P.

Reply Deaths_Serenity, 16 Jul 2007

I can prove it. My document was made before yours. >.>

Well glad you liked the concept anyways. Though I guess you didn't steal what it did *completely*. Or the style of the weapons themselves. Just the general idea..

I am glad its being put to use.. But it's also used in RP too sometimes you know. It's killed people in 2 rounds of combat for both people.

Reply Rofl_Soldat (Guest), 03 Sep 2007

Pit from kid icarus can do that too :P

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