Chapter 34 - Page 27

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This page took way too long to do

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Reply K.K., 09 Jan 2014

Argh, running programs on a new computer is a pain, since all my presets are gone. And they were PRESETS, meaning I never think about them, so when stuff doesn't work, I spend an inordinate amount of time confused.

For example, I have new brush presets so this took like twice as long to color. Plus, when I was doing the text bubbles, the preset was in right aligned Hebrew (I'm as confused as anybody at that) so the exclamation marks kept going all funky.

My keyboard keeps flipping to Canadian English, too, which sucks because it replaces the apostrophe to that e with the funky accent. And this new keyboard has buttons in all different places, so I keep tapping number lock instead of enter and function instead of control.


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