Chapter 4 - Page 1

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Reply K.K., 14 Jul 2007

Ah, a new site means that I can do updates easier, so you'll probably be hearing more interesting stuff from me.

NEW CHAPTER! With the wicked General Splitter on the cover (quickly becoming my favorite character) - plus, K.K. learns to do blood in Photoshop (only 2 years since he started doing this comic...)

I really really like this page. Does anybody want me to turn it into a donation wallpaper? (I probably will even if nobody wants it)

Uh, 'till next time!

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Reply Sol, 16 Jul 2007

Check out the main page, the one with all the news on it, for details about the TLS Fan Club stating how to gain access to TLS bonus art.

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Reply jaffar255, 16 Jul 2007

Wewt! The blood effect looks awesome! Keep it up!

Also, I did the suggestion!

Reply Deaths_Serenity, 16 Jul 2007

This page is frickin' awesome! Nice work on making blood for the blood god! <.<

Looking forward to seeing more and more of the comic still.

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