Chapter 4 - Page 2

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Reply K.K., 15 Jul 2007

I wonder how many people actually managed to get to this site. I love how the link Sol put on the other site refuses to link here because "This place doesn't exist, The Lone Swordsman belongs to Comic Genesis"

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Reply Sol, 16 Jul 2007

Haha, wow, no idea why it's doing that. K.K.'s description made me laugh though.

So, it's my birthday today. I'm no longer a teenager. God, I feel old.

Yeah, this page probably won't make as much sense as it will when the Origin Story is told. Which isn't until after Part 3. All you really need to know is that Lady Celestia was one of the four Origins, like Aven, who helped create the world. Celene was her right hand, and Celestia died during one of the many battles of Heaven and Hell.

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Reply Sol, 18 Jul 2007

Thanks, always happy to see a new face.

Reply jaffar255, 18 Jul 2007

Weird page. Love it though *thumbs up*!

Reply K.K., 18 Jul 2007

It's true, I can't draw backgrounds... night sky, Sol?!

Reply Gymgee, 20 Jul 2009

Beautiful I started reading TLS 08/18/09, and when I got to this page, I thought it was awesome.

Reply Sol, 20 Jul 2009

You started reading it in the future?! Haha, 08 is August, not July.

Glad you're liking it though!

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