Chapter 4 - Page 3

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Reply Sol, 15 Jul 2007

Maeva (Mai-e-vah) really reminds me of Sakura Haruno from Naruto in this page. She even looks a bit like her. Wasn't really my intention when I wrote it, but it works.

This page is almost like filler. It doesn't have much to do with anything, except introduce a new character and display a new fact about Demons. They all have a Human Form. They just rarely use it, as they are a lot weaker in it. You can usually still tell they are a Demon from their yellow eyes though.

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Reply K.K., 15 Jul 2007

And you STILL don't want him yaoi?! LOOK AT THE SCENE!

Her outfit is more of a take on Taki's outfit from Soul Calibur~

Reply Sol, 15 Jul 2007

Haha, I knew someone would point that out. There's a reason why he just did that, but it has nothing to do with her. I don't want to say anything though, until it's revealed in the comic.

User's Comments:

Reply jaffar255, 20 Jul 2007

I really like the way these two people(kinda =/) look!

Is the girl a demon?

Reply Sol, 21 Jul 2007

Considering Kratos states "I thought you Demons", one would assume that she is a Demon. As I stated in my blurb, this page reveals that all Demons have Human Forms, and can change their shape between Human and Demon forms at will.

Sorry if it seems like I'm berating you, I do appreciate all comments.

Reply jaffar255, 23 Jul 2007

Oppss...I read the speech bubbles wrong...You should really add an outline to them D=

Reply Sol, 23 Jul 2007

They are there, they are just a little harder to see on the dark background, I'll admit, since the speech bubbles for Demons are black as well.

Reply Pocket, 14 Aug 2007

Kratos reminds me of Lone

Reply amjam, 21 Dec 2007

Yeah, he looks a lot like him.

Yaoi = good. I'd like to see some yaoi bonus art in the TLS fanclub, guys!

Just on a side note, wouldn't the standards of sexiness be totally different for demons, because they have different bodies (despite possibly similar organs or appendages)? So if she thinks she looks sexier in human form, does that mean she digs HUMANS?
ew. humans are so, like, ugh.

Reply Sol, 21 Dec 2007

Most Demons were Humans to begin with. Maeva, however, never came to like how Demon bodies look. Which is probably why she likes Kratos so much, who doesn't have a Demon Form.

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