Chapter 4 - Page 6

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Reply Sol, 24 Jul 2007

So yeah, in case you didn't notice in the last page, Stephen was the soldier on his death bed that Lone spoke to back in Chapter 3.

Lone's angry bubble kind of overlaps Sypher's in the first panel, but it's still readable.

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Reply K.K., 24 Jul 2007

.... haha, whoops.

That'd be my fault. Oh well. Assume he's REALLY angry.

Reply Sol, 24 Jul 2007

He's so angry that it carries over into the past! Now that's anger!

User's Comments:

Reply jaffar255, 27 Jul 2007

Great page again. His eye looks really creepy in the last panel =O

Reply Sol, 27 Jul 2007

We lost two fans overnight ;_; that makes me sad.

Reply jaffar255, 27 Jul 2007

It's probably people who got their accounts deleted or deleted their accounts themselves.

Reply Sol, 27 Jul 2007

Afraid not :/. Well, maybe for one of them. I remember one of the user names that was on the fan list that isn't there anymore, and that's Zigren, and she's still around.

Reply jaffar255, 28 Jul 2007

Sucks...I see that your comic is now donator though. Hopefully that will attract fans!

Reply Sol, 28 Jul 2007

Well, I got Zigren back. Turns out someone had been on her account and had added the comic. She hadn't actually read it though, and was cleaning up her favourites list. I sent an inquiry to her, so this is why I know. She added us back after reading the comic though.

I've actually been a Donator comic since the 20th. Haven't noticed too much change, but oh well.

Reply jaffar255, 29 Jul 2007

Hey! I know a way you could possibly attract fans!

I'm starting up a comic site for those who wish to join. The site will be featuring up to 5 comic writers. Me and my friend are going to pick them and if you choose to join, you will be one of my top choices as of now!!! You can go ahead and join here:

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