Chapter 4 - Page 7

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Reply Sol, 29 Jul 2007

Lone is starting to lose it. Looks like that trip into the memories affected him quite a bit. Fighting this, he realizes he was a bit of an asshole to Sypher just now, and forgives him.

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Reply K.K., 30 Jul 2007

Posting late today... soooo busy lately. Still churning out comics for your amusement, though I'm starting to cut it close (Sorry, Sol, but hey, at least it's not late?!)

User's Comments:

Reply jaffar255, 30 Jul 2007

Yay! You joined the forums!

I hope you enjoy your stay there.

I love how Sypher is wuss XD

Reply Sol, 30 Jul 2007

Haha, he kind of is. He's a healer, not a warrior, and gets scared easily.

Reply jaffar255, 30 Jul 2007

Hey K.K. You draw the comic right?

Well, then you should join the site too!

Reply tRickityHouses, 31 Jul 2007

Hey what age did you guys start this comic. Judging from the first few post it seems like that was a while ago. also is this page up to date or are you trickling them in?

Reply Sol, 31 Jul 2007

This comic started in September of 2006. Yeah, the first pages look really bad. It was before K.K. got a Tablet and took over the colouring, and all of the comics were hand drawn.

As for the second question, a page is released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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