Chapter 4 - Page 8

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Reply Sol, 29 Jul 2007

In case anyone was wondering where he went during that fight.

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Reply K.K., 30 Jul 2007

Oops... I'm sure you probably didn't notice until I said it, but I drew the characters with the wrong size pen (5 pixel instead of my regular 2) so the lines are all.... a bit too bold today. Still looks okay? I think so anyways (it's not that big a deal, I didn't even notice until I was like done)

This background was brought to you by my limited knowledge of "the Joy of Paining" with Bob Ross (RIP) - and, no, I didn't paint it using my hair. That'd just be stupid.

Reply Sol, 30 Jul 2007

So, I finished writing the Storyboards for Chapter 5, the final chapter in Part 1, the other day. Ended up being longer than I thought. It spans 45 pages, making Part 1 equal to 180 pages.

Reply K.K., 01 Aug 2007


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Reply Pocket, 14 Aug 2007

he seems proud of the fact that he is a coward

Reply amjam, 21 Dec 2007

It's a talent that Goblin must always be proud of. :D

Hmmm... I usually go for 3px, but your 2 pixel lines look good too. Yay for not noticing until I'm rereading the comic!

And by the way, I'm rating these pages when I remember so you can say thank you Amjam. XD

Reply K.K., 01 Feb 2008

Thank you Amjam

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