Chapter 4 - Page 9

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Reply K.K., 31 Jul 2007

So I'm trying out something with the font. It's smaller now, so normal people can enjoy it as opposed to only the reading impaired.

Plus, this will make some of the pages with a ton of writing easier to do (hopefully)

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Reply Sol, 02 Aug 2007

Not much to say about this page, other than it's important...

I'm looking to start a second Webcomic, if I can find an artist to do it with me. Check the News page for details.

Reply Sol, 03 Aug 2007

I just nearly escaped a vicious attack from the Devil Birds! (more commonly known as "Seagulls") They repeatedly tried to dive bomb me, angry noises coming from their beaks, their talons out!

It was a bit frightening, really. I've never seen Seagulls do that. I must have been near a nest or something.

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Reply jaffar255, 03 Aug 2007

Nice page! I'm really wondering how this is important to the story...

And...Sol...I hope these aren't "imaginary seagulls" like they were in American Dad, Hm?

Reply Sol, 03 Aug 2007

Oh, no, they were VERY real. Devils, they are, attacking me like that. They attacked my supervisor too.

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