Chapter 4 - Page 10

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Reply Sol, 04 Aug 2007

Wow, K.K. didn't half-ass the victim. I'm surprised. I thought she'd turn out like Stephen did.

I quite like how this page turned out. The blood effect looks awesome.

Check out the News Section for a more reasonable Artist Request, that involves TLS and has more of a reward.

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Reply K.K., 05 Aug 2007

Hahaha, it's so sad that he's expecting me to half ass everything. No, I only half ass male characters, because they tend to be a lot more boring than the female characters to draw (i.e. I never practice them because they're more or less stock)

But yeah, this page did turn out pretty good... Oh, I have the next page, too... I need to send that soon...

Reply Sol, 06 Aug 2007

100 Comic Celebration We'll soon reach the centennial mark, and I've written several pages involving several characters to celebrate this occasion. Except we're only going to produce one of them.

I've given K.K. free reign of which one to use, but if you want to try and convince him to use a certain character, then do so.

The characters I've written for are Lone, Sypher, Aven, Shutendoji, Celene, the Jester Brothers, and Kratos.

Reply K.K., 07 Aug 2007

It's Aven. So no comments on that.

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Reply amjam, 21 Dec 2007

Wait a minute, that's a female?

Reply Sol, 21 Dec 2007

She looks obviously female to me @_@. What, did you think it was some very bishi guy or something?

You'll have to wait for Chapter 7 for that. A new character introduced in that Chapter is probably the most bishounen character in all of TLS.

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