Chapter 4 - Page 11

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Reply Sol, 06 Aug 2007

See, this is why I expect K.K. to half ass the minor characters. He didn't even give the 3rd Class Demons a face. You can tell he doesn't like them much.

Splitter looks awesome as usual though.

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Reply K.K., 06 Aug 2007

I don't respect minor demons much... I don't feel it's that bad, though. Feel happy, the less time I spend on the demons, the more time I spend trying to get Splitter to look right (Why did I give him those dark eyeliner thingies?!)

Reply Sol, 07 Aug 2007

Well, seeing as how this is through that woman's eyes, let's just say that she couldn't see the other Demon's faces clearly. She was too focused on Splitter and his awesomeness.

Reply K.K., 08 Aug 2007

I thought this was through Lone's eyes...



RIGHT, Soul Absorbtion...

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