Chapter 38 - Page 1

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Based on the Hard Candy poster - with no other similarities to Hard Candy at all.

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Reply K.K., 05 Oct 2014

New Chapter - I based the cover on the movie poster for Hard Candy. If you're feeling particularly nihilistic, it's worth a watch.

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Reply Sol, 05 Oct 2014

Hmmm... not liking the new template as much :/.

User's Comments:

Reply Captain Ghost, 06 Oct 2014

Is the new template shrinking the heck out of the pages? o__o~~

I thought they were already smaller before, but that was my computer's different resolution (versus my old one's) but... they feel even smaller now? @__@ might be imagining things...

Reply K.K., 06 Oct 2014

@Captain Ghost: Definitely takes some getting used to... but the pages are the same size as before. Probably just feels smaller since it's off to one side now, rather than centered on the screen with nothing to compare it to.

It's kind of weird, but this design seems a lot easier on upkeep, since I don't have to worry about a bunch of images being deleted at once (since now it's all frames)

I can't even get the header on the main profile page right (it won't upload as an animation for some reason). I haven't changed things for months, and in that time it seems everything went wonky.

Reply Captain Ghost, 31 Oct 2014

@K.K.: Dang xD Weird. But good to know.
It's been a few months but I'm still having a hard time with this new compy and how small everything looks on it D:

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