Chapter 38 - Page 15

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Black Rock Shooter.

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Reply K.K., 06 Nov 2014

We're about to hit a bunch of flashback scenes, which I am not at all excited to draw. I really don't remember what Siska's parents looked like.

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Reply Sol, 06 Nov 2014

I gave you the reference page though ^_^;;;

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Reply Vye Brante, 06 Nov 2014

Sooooo.... By saying her body will only move based on instinct we're supposed to be okay with her being able to talk? Unless we are supposed to understand that we are actually hearing Kratos speak through her? Also Kratos' explanation is flawed anyway because if she was just reacting on instinct, she would have no reason to attack unless Kai attacks her first. Unless human instinct has changed to just kill everything in front of you and I haven't noticed. Even if we stretch it and say those instincts she's using are demon instead of human, that doesn't make sense either unless we want to throw out any attempt at emotions or back story that involves them actually caring about each other. They either kill everything or they don't. Can't have both.

Also I like the flip flopping of Kratos this chapter. "It's going to be a shame to lose you Siska, but I gots to do what I gots to do! Oh wait, you actually have a brain and can use it logically to figure out what's happening? No way I could have seen that coming! You might actually die? Well crap. Better take over your mind wasting energy on someone I plan on probably dying anyway. If only I had power to manipulate memories to make you forget about a five second conversation about Kai being back and just pretend this meeting never happened rather than risk losing what I keep referring to as a valuable asset!"

Seriously though. Just make her forget Kai. So much less complicated than making her want revenge. She'd probably be more level headed and work better that way instead of just being fueled by anger and junk.

Sorry. I really don't want to be mean. Just Kratos' horrible planning annoys me to no end.

All that said, I like Siska in that last panel. She looks good.

Reply Sol, 07 Nov 2014

@Vye: It's the Shard speaking, actually. As for what he meant by "instinct", he meant her natural fighting instincts, with the Shard pushing her to attack.

As for his memory manipulation thing, that takes a lot of time for him to set up. It's not just a simple wave of his hand, it took him quite a while to manipulate the memories of Kai's friends, and even then he couldn't factor for everything.

Kratos views Siska as valuable, and didn't want to waste losing her on what could have been an imposter. However, he doesn't care about her enough that if Kai did kill her, he'd view it as a loss, especially if it drove Kai to despair. He doesn't just want to simply kill Kai, he wants him to suffer. Though this exact battle wasn't his idea, per say, and thought Siska's actions were odd, but wasn't going to stop her to see what would happen. But if she was going to die, he didn't want her to die without a fight.

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