Chapter 38 - Page 23

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Reply K.K., 20 Nov 2014

Siska is still kind of on the short side lol.

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Reply Sol, 20 Nov 2014

I hope I was able to convey an aspect of Siska's character here during those flashbacks, but just in case I'm going to discuss her in more detail.

Siska lost her parents to an illness when she was 10. As was said earlier, she was placed in a few foster homes but she kept running away, because they never felt like a home to her. Eventually she became too good at escaping and running away that they decided to give her space and if she needed help, the Ministry hoped that she would just come to them. During these years, Siska honed her talents and learned to steal. Initially it was just to survive, but she liked having things as well, so she stole just because she could. She also stole books whenever she could, as she wanted to keep her already clever mind sharp. She also liked stealing things she could tinker with.

There were many times where she could have broken down, but her locket gave her the inner strength she needed. The ability to "act strong", hence her cheerful disposition despite her circumstance. However, the locket was also her crutch. She felt like without it, she wouldn't be able to go on. It became more precious to her than her own life.

However, the thing she wanted above all else was to find a home again. To her, a home wasn't simply a roof over her head. To her, a home was a place where she felt like she belonged. As she spent time with Kai and the others, she began to truly feel like she had found that home. Like she belonged there.

When Zelander took her locket from her, she stated that she valued her friends more than her locket; for her friends, despite the short time she had known them, had become like family to her. She didn't want to lose the home that she had gained, so she gave up her locket to protect it. However, she felt her inner strength start to waver without it, hence her emotion she displayed when she talked to Saizo. She still tried to act strong, but she wanted to try and get her precious locket back on her own.

Luckily for her, Zelander decided to let her transgression pass, and she was able to get her locket back.

When Kratos implanted the Shard into her, the Shard was able to read her strongest memories and suppress some of them while giving powerful suggestions to control her. Such as the fact that her friends didn't come to rescue her, so they abandoned her. And that her real home was with Kratos, that he was her family now. This process took several months before Siska's will was broken away and she began to believe it all.

However, the Shard wasn't able to account for just how strong her bond with that locket was, and that's how Kai was able to begin to break through to her.

Siska's eyes are back to normal now. There is still a bit more insight to follow this though, of course.

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