Chapter 4 - Page 13

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Reply Sol, 11 Aug 2007

Lone shows his confidence. Is it overconfidence?

The Demons almost look like some sort of street gang here. Kind of a figure you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

Lone's text bubble could have been a little brighter... It's still readable, right?

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Reply Sol, 12 Aug 2007

Oops I just realized I labeled this for the 12th instead of the 13th. Oops.

Well, I guess you can have this page a little early then.

Reply K.K., 13 Aug 2007

Does anyone else remember Darkwing Duck? I really can't, so I have nothing else to say really

Hmm, sooner or later, I expect Sol to actually fix up the site layout. Guess which one I'm betting on?!

User's Comments:

Reply BlizzardComics, 12 Aug 2007

is this the last page? ._.

Reply Sol, 13 Aug 2007

Haha, I get that a lot. People get so engrossed in the story that they get disappointed when they catch up, because then they have to wait for more pages.

Trust me, if we could update every day, or even every weekday, I'd do it, but K.K. goes to University and doesn't have the time to that.

We do update MWF, although the next comic will be a 100 comic celebration filler.

Reply K.K., 13 Aug 2007

Even if I didn't go to University, there's such a thing as overexposure... I can't be sitting in my room drawing all the time - now that I have to do color and text too, each comic takes a few hours...

Reply Sol, 13 Aug 2007

Darkwing Duck? That was random, where'd that come from?

And yes, I know, I need to get the information to Waxler soon @_@. I've been really busy with work, especially since I start my new position tomorrow at 9.

Reply amjam, 13 Aug 2007

Wow, I'm really hooked! Haha, I read the entire comic in one sitting. Now my eyes hurt.

Heheh. Now Lone's the one who'll be chopping people up.

Reply Pocket, 14 Aug 2007

I just got done reading every page so far and i have to say i'm surprised you don't get as much fans as you should. Each page has so much detail in it along with a great and stable story line.

I can't wait to see the restXD

Reply Sol, 15 Aug 2007

Thanks for the comments! I read them all. I love getting comments <.<.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the comic. Yeah, I wish we had more fans as well. Spread the word about us!

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